8 Important Exam Tips for All Students | WHDC


95 percent of the students operate from self-doubt and performance pressure during their exams. It turns into a do or die situation for them. Parents and family members are also anxious about their performance during exams and being clueless what to do about it, they end up increasing the pressure on the students indirectly.

Below are a few exam-time tips for any student.

  1. Do not panic: It is important to give your best and fear spoils it all. Believe in your capability. If you weren’t capable, you won’t have made it till now. Before you start studying, take 3-5 deep breaths, declare to yourself, Yes I can do it! And start studying.
  2. Prioritize: If worry still lingers about that 1-2 chapters that you are less interested in or find difficult, start with them right away. In Mark Twain’s words, start your day by eating the frog in breakfast. If you have 2 frogs, swallow the big one first! When you are at the end of your wits, you can hop to easy chapters.

Still confused and worried? Chuck the chapters and start with important answers in every chapter.

  1. Take a break: Take a 10-15 minutes break in the whole day and take a walk on the terrace or garden. Nature heals and relieves stress. Avoid gadgets, mobiles or television. Read a comic instead.Also, our capacity to focus is not more than 45-50 minutes at a time. Do take a break of 5-10 minutes post 50 minutes of study.
  2. Eat Healthy, chew your food: Avoid junk and outside food that may lead to illness. Drink lots of water. You may have citric fruits like oranges, mosambies. Drink lime juice. Vitamin C also helps reduce tension.
  3. Laugh for 3-4 minutes at least: Laugh a little, dance a little. Exam is a test of your memory and knowledge. It’s not a bad phase or period of your life. You can choose to enjoy your exams. After all, seriousness won’t help you get your portion done fast!
  4. Walk to enhance concentration: I have heard a lot of mothers complaining that their children can’t sit and study for a longer duration. My answer to them is how you can expect a bouncing ball to stay still? Walk and speak out your answers. Walking helps hyper energy level kids to channelize their energy and speaking aloud helps them pronounce words and focus better!
  5. Sleep well: Sleep helps rejuvenate and store information better. Minimum 6-8 hours’ sleep plays a vital role to recall your answers in time on the exam day. You may listen to soothing music to help you sleep better.
  6. Visualize your result: The power of visualizing your goal before you start writing your exam will give you the necessary boost to write your paper well. Visualizing increases the probability of achieving the desired result.

So folks! I hope my tips will help you perform better in exams without any pressure! Wish you all the very best for your upcoming exams! Do let me know through your comments below, which tips you put into practice and how it went.