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World Human Development Center Online (whdc online) is your opportunity to scale up growth in your life at least 100 times faster from your current point in life. We are here with our real crux wisdom derived from our practical hard-earned experiences of human transformations day in day out for 17 long years! We are here just to coach you, guide you, transform YOU, and the various aspects affecting your life! Make the most of our transformational webinars, courses, and all the amazing online content

We are a team of expert trainers. You are no longer alone on your journey to success in all areas of your life be it your relationships, your business, your children’s lives, your life-goals, your dreams, your health, wealth, or your spiritual well-being. We are together! And You are our family!


Driple Shah

(Project Head & Faculty)
Our Speaker

Mr. Driple Shah has been transforming lives across the globe since 2005. He is the CEO of the World Human Development Center Institute. 

He has been a mentor for major top entrepreneurs. His sharp eye for details and mastery in forming and dismantling habits have contributed a lot in participants’ life.

He can quickly connect to people belonging to all walks of life

A hardcore meticulous leader under whose leadership, our institute World Human Development Center (WHDC) is successfully marching towards fulfilling its vision.